Enzymatic Therapy Complete Liver Cleanse - 1 Each - 84 VCAP

Liver rescue vegitarian supplement
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ENZYMATIC Therapy complete liver cleanse is a dietary supplement that is taken in a two-week regimen designed to support the health of your live, and provides cleansing and detoxifying benefits. This formula is 100% vegetarian and has a unique ingredient profile, which cotains proprietary fibre blend to bind to toxyins and allows easier flushing rom the gut. The product may also help stimulate the flow of bile to encourage the liver to cleanse itself. The package contains 84 capsules, which should be taken in doses of 3 capsules twice per day. The liver clease process, or alternatively the gallbladder flush is an alternative medicine practice. It is understood to remove not only the well-known gallstones from the gallbladder, but also the inta-hepatic stones from the bile ducts of the liver.
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